New Generation cooperative

New generation cooperative project

The cooperative movement is an important element of positivist work before independence, as well as an important component of the country’s economic reconstruction. Previous attempts to reactivate it prove to be a failure. Based on my own experience, I created the concept of a new generation cooperative.

Based on Polish theoretical concepts, especially Abramowski’s works and my own experience, I have created a theoretical model of a new generation cooperative (cooperative) in which thief, cunning and deception will be eliminated. The model is based on the theory of systems of Niklas Luhmann, sociocybernetics of Marian Mazur and Józef Kossecki and the concept of generative grammars of Noam Chomsky. An important element of this model is the creation of a new scientific subdiscipline, called “sociology of thief”, whose development will allow to eliminate undesirable phenomena in the created system. The creation process will be of a phased nature, the n-generation cooperative system will become the environment for the creation of n + 1st-generation cooperatives. The capital accumulation system independent of the global financial system will also be used, based on the idea of using the free power of autonomous systems created by Mazur. I anticipate that by the next round anniversary of independence in 2118, 8th generation cooperatives will be created, capable of producing advanced space technology. At the moment, the project is at the stage of implementing some detailed theoretical studies. The first full 2nd generation cooperative should be established by 2025. A detailed discussion of the concept is in my blogs and scientific articles.
Creating a unique financial message, which will be completely open and transparent, will allow full control of operations at a given moment and will be intended solely to achieve a given goal. The use and exchange of these messages as well as the exchange for traditionally understood money as a measure of the value of all goods can only take place in a strictly defined manner and only by entities that meet ethical criteria transformed into algorithms of activities.
These entities were called next generation cooperatives. Participation in them is absolutely voluntary, subject to compliance with the conditions.

The conditions are forbidden to steal, lie, use alcohol and other narcotic substances. Breaking the conditions will result in sanctions, up to and including exclusion. The cooperatives will create a network with a flat management model and smooth decision-making functions to achieve the main goal. A single cooperative can have between 5 and 50 people.
The purpose of creating the message described above is to gather social and intellectual potential for the colonization of solar system planets, create a communication network between them and prepare for the development of close areas of the galaxy.

The message will consist of a number of codes describing the current activity and economic potential of a single entity, its relations with the same entities and other detailed data, depending on the needs.
The message will have a theoretical value measured in traditional money. It can be, for example, a message worth PLN 100, EUR 20 or similar. The number of messages at the disposal of individual cooperatives will be closely correlated with their turnover, measured with traditional money, and may constitute up to 10 percent of profit per year.

The use of this type of goal-oriented communication will give you an effect that can be compared to the difference between diffused light bulb and concentrated laser light.
Innovation of the idea (Information about new values ??offered by the innovative solution / idea compared to other solutions present on the market in the opinion of the Originator).
The idea is based on treating money according to the concept of Niklas Luhmann as a communication medium.

As a reminder, the other main social communication media are power, law, beauty, truth and love. (Luhmann, social systems). The abstraction of the medium of money as a message helps to strengthen its motivational function and weaken the other functions, especially the trezaurative and prestigious one. The theoretical background is the sociology of thief, based on the theory of systems of Niklas Luhmann, sociocybernetics of Mazur and Kossecki, the theory of Chomsky’s generative grammars and the concept of Searle’s Chinese room.

Money medium messages are not an alternative to traditional money, but an improvement and complement. They are a financial system for which traditional money is the environment. They are based on the idea of ??Bitcoin, but they eliminate all the negative effects of using cryptocurrencies, above all, they protect against anti-social effects such as using drugs, weapons and people to trade.
Idea development phase (TRL)
Intellectual Property Rights. The idea is:
Open source
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What problem / need will your product / solution solve? *
The money medium message helps to solve the traditional problems of capitalism, described inter alia by Daniel Bell in the “cultural contradictions of capitalism,” without falling into the errors of real socialism. It will eliminate pathological thief, but not in the entire social system, thanks to which it will not meet with definite resistance. It will still be possible to rob each other in the corporate system, but everyone will have a choice – no effort and traditional capitalism, or meeting difficult criteria and living in a better environment.
Who is the product / solution intended for?
The communication of the money medium correlated in a sustainable way with other, social communication media is directed at people who decide to meet very difficult conditions in order to be able to live in a better environment and achieve unimaginable goals today. Theoretically, anyone can be accepted into a new generation of cooperatives, but experience shows that wealthy people with a stable professional position will be less motivated to meet the criteria.

Describe your team and the role of individual people in project implementation.
For now, there is no new generation cooperative that meets the criteria for broadcasting money medium as described above. However, there is an informal anarchist-hippy group within which intellectual debate is taking place. People with national beliefs and ideology are currently under-represented. The conditions required for new generation cooperatives are partly met in some Monar addiction treatment centers. They were developed by Marek Kotański in cooperation with drug addicts who want to get out of addiction. They are universal enough that they can be easily adapted to new generation cooperatives. Some former drug addicts may become experts in personal development for people who want to learn how to comply with the rules of belonging to new generation cooperatives.

Competitive advantage (market saturation / service demand) *
The money medium message is not a competition for traditionally understood money. Is another level of development. The use of lies, techniques of mutual robbery and intoxicants used to reduce cognitive dissonance may be allowed in traditional capitalism, but the increasing technological and social requirements do not allow further development in this environment. This is evidenced by the fact that the governments of the richest countries are withdrawing from space programs, only China is trying to launch its rockets. World elites have left space programs to private entrepreneurs. The most famous and effective businessman in the space industry is Elon Musk. However, Mr. Musk raises money from the US government and from private stock market players. In August last year, Musk committed a fraud by publishing on his Twitter account information about raising funds for the buyout of the company’s shares, which caused the price of these shares to rise very clearly for a short time.
The action of Mr. Musk proves that the traditional perception of economy and money leads us into a dead end. The fact of sending the probe to Mars and the uploaded photos can give an illusory hope of success, but the level of acceptance of fraud and thieves acceptable on earth must be greatly reduced if we want to seriously think about space.

What will the funds obtained in the acceleration program be used for ?:
Creating a computer model of social development based on the balance of social communication media. Creating a film presenting a new generation cooperative model, its functions and goals. Development of algorithms for coding the money medium message. Presenting the whole in the most simplified form and making the idea public.
Description of how to commercialize the project.
The idea is not about commercialization, but de-commercialization of the social system, which will gain greater mobility. Of course, this will translate into traditional profits, because the Earth has limited resources of raw materials and therefore they are becoming more expensive. The most spectacular commercialization method would be to reach the 16 Psyche asteroid, which has gold, nickel and other precious metals with an estimated value of $ 10 trillion. For comparison – the overall GDP in the world in 2016 was just over $ 75 trillion. Acquiring these resources by new generation cooperatives will last, however, over 10 years. NASA is also planning a mission for this asteroid. There is a possibility of cooperation in this field.